About Us

Who We Are

We are problem- solvers.  We go after Paulding County’s toughest challenges.  We develop solutions and turn those solutions into action to improve the lives right here in Paulding County. And we never give up.  Our mission of the United Way of Paulding County is to improve lives by mobilizing the caring power of the community.

What We Do

The United Way of Paulding County’s purpose is to increase the organized capacity of the people of Paulding County, Ohio to care for one another through the establishment of a community process which brings people together to identify, improve, and where possible, resolve health and human-care problems, all in an effort to promote individual well-being and social good.

Health – FamilyWize prescription drug discount cards are being distributed by United Way of Paulding County. This card could lower the cost of medicine by an average of 35%. United Way of Paulding County is providing these cards free of charge to everyone in our community. There are no age restrictions, no income restrictions, no limit on how many times you can use it and no waiting to get a card.

How We Do It

We win by living United.  When you give, advocate and volunteer you create community impact. By working together with the United Way you to become a problem-solver. By working together and forging partnerships we are able to find new solutions to old problems.  By mobilizing the best resources and inspiring individuals to join the fight against Paulding County’s toughest problems.

Together, we take a hard, long look at the problems facing our community.  We involve experts and leaders and people in our community to find solutions. We set ambitious goals and hold ourselves accountable.  Because change doesn’t happen alone,  To live better we must Live United.

Diversity and Inclusion Commitment 

(Revised 07/2021)

The United Way of Paulding County is very proud of its long history of community capacity building and its non-discrimination of anybody in need.  This applies to all interactions and activities relative to the conduct of the UWPC mission and strategic initiatives, to all interactions between staff, board members, volunteers, contributors, and clients of the agency. We are committed to every single person in Paulding County.

The United Way strongly believes that no one in need of programs or services shall be denied services regardless of religion, sex, creed, color, etc. As well, the United Way of Paulding County closely monitors its agencies to ensure they too conform and subscribe, as does the United Way of Paulding County, to the provisions of the Charter of Rights, the Declaration of Human Rights, and the United Way Worldwide Rights Code.

The United Way of Paulding County has historically, and will continue to be made up of a cross representation of the community we serve and fully expect our Funded Organization/Collaboratives to be non-discrimatory. The UWPC strives to effectively serve people from all backgrounds, encourage the growth of all employees and to embrace and celebrate the diversity of our community.

Meet Our Board

Lora Lyons served on the United Way of Paulding County, first on the Allocation Committee in 2015, and then on the Board from 2016 to 2019, till she became the Executive Director. During her time with United  Way she has helped with a variety of events and fundraisers.

Lora currently works for The Antwerp Exchange Bank, as a Customer Service Representative, utilitizing her Associates in Business Management. During her 12 years in banking she has gained a wealth of understanding in the financial world. 

She also serves as councilwoman for The Village of Payne where she has worked on and secured numerous grants to help better her community. Working for the village council has allowed to her to get a better foothold within political workings.

Lora resides in Payne with her husband William Lyons, the School Resource Officer for Wayne Trace Local Schools, and her three children. Lora and her husband are deeply committed to their community and local county. 


Officers Trustees
Executive Director – Lora Lyons
President – Anita Bok Wendell Spangler
Vice-President – Angela Wolford Tim Manz
Treasurer – Aric Mericle  
Secretary – Tara Schlatter  

Financial Statements

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